1. I was so tired for most of the day today. That’s one thing I’ve really noticed since finishing the whole 30. I need to be mindful of what I’m eating, especially during the week when there’s no pressure of going out etc.

    Tonight I went to the gym!! It was good too. I’m starting to feel stronger and I’m getting more flexible. On the treadmill I watched the Commonwealth Games swimming, they are so amazing and it’s pretty inspirational to work out to. I need to remember to come home and go. I feel so much better after a work out.

    Four days until the weekend! xx


  2. My weekend

    I’m sitting here at 7am on Monday morning really not wanting to have to get up and go to work in a few minutes! 

    My weekend was ok. I really need to make some new Auckland friends as my one good friend was sick this weekend and I was bored! No-one ever really talks about this when they move back home after spending years away…

    I ate ok this weekend considering how I’d eaten for the past 30 days! Everything was home made and had added vegies. I probably ate a bit too much as I definitely felt pretty full last night. I also noticed how tired I was all weekend and I think it was the food! I’m going to try and be as clean as possible during the week and then relax a bit on the weekends.

    My brother and I went for a swim yesterday and it was great. I’m so sore now though! 1.5km in the books and we did 4x50m sprints - so freaking hard!! I’m a tad sore now - I love that feeling! I need to add more swimming into my life, Sunday family outings are going to become a thing.

    Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend - I better head off to work! xx


  3. Life after the Whole 30

    Well the introduction thing hasn’t really happened today! I started off my morning like normal and then added some milk and feta to my veg omelette for lunch. And then for dinner I made home made pizza’s! One was Turkish mince and the other chicken bbq. So good! And I was full after 2 slices which is a win! And then I also made apple crumble for dessert.

    It was a bit of a splash out but it was all lovely and delicious and I only ate until I was full - old Nicolette would just have kept going. My stomach and everything feels fine which is good to know too.

    I also went to the gym this morning. It was great!! And I’ve got my weigh in and measurements next Sat so I need to keep going hard! And then tonight my brother and I both did some press ups. He made me do full ones and wouldn’t let me give up. I managed 1 really good one, and a few that weren’t as deep. He pulled out 35…

    And buying flowers on the weekend may be turning into a habit…


  4. Whole 30 Day 30!!!!

    Wow I never thought I would’ve made it the whole 30 days! If you asked me any time before day 20 I would have said that I probably wouldn’t finish but I took it day by day and, Nicolette the great quitter, finished!!

    I have to say that some days it has been super easy, especially work days when I have everything planned; but a lot of days have still been a struggle.

    • I’ve learnt that it’s ok to say no
    • I’ve learnt that it’s good to tell friends and family what I’m doing, and that (shock horror!) most will be supportive
    • I’ve learnt that I have stronger willpower than I thought
    • I’ve learnt that I don’t need to eat carbs all of the time (bread, pasta, rice, potato)
    • I’ve learnt that I can go out for meals and still eat healthy

    I’m happy and proud of myself and I’m feeling so much better! Today I wore a skirt to work that I could barely do up when I bought it and now I can easily tuck my top into it and there’s no muffin top!

    I’m going to do a more thorough break down over the next couple of days. But for now I am happy that I completed it and I’m also happy that’s it’s over :)

    Happy weekend every one! xx


  5. Whole 30 Day 29

    Man only one day to go!!!

    Today I bought a paleo salad from Mexicali Fresh and they were so confused. I felt like I was the first ever person to order it (it’s the 3rd time I’ve got it…) but they gave me a $2 discount for being so confusing which was nice and unnecessary.

    I’ve been having some serious food daydreams recently. It started with trying to think what to have once I finish the whole 30 but now it’s just getting ridiculous! Saturday is sure going to be interesting!

    Today at work I started to look up houses to buy. Not my dream house at all but good starter ones. I really want to own somewhere, I just need to figure out how to get to that point! There’s so many things I want to do and be, but I figure that now is a time for me to learn and grow and to start to develop in the right direction. 


  6. Whole 30 Day 28

    I had fake nachos for dinner tonight! It was to make up for a completely average day and it worked. I spent my afternoon reading blog posts from people who followed the whole 30 reintroduction to a tee. It makes sense to do it but it seems so hard and long! Does anyone have any suggestions? Help?

    I really wish that I was at the point where I could just eat normal, balanced meals but I have weight to lose which means that I need to be more mindful of what I eat - 80% of weight loss is diet after all. For me, at this moment in time, I should eat as clean as possible so that my body can get to where it is meant to be. Short term sacrifices for long term gains.

    I need to remember that how I live my life is my choice and I have the power to change it.


  7. Whole 30 Day 27

    Today was another good day. My hard boiled egg this morning was pretty disappointing though - one of those ones where the shell takes half of the egg white with it! I went to the gym this evening and so my dinner was a bit weird (smoothie and a can of tuna…) but it hit the spot which is what counts right?!

    I can’t believe I only have 3 days left! I thought I would never get to 10 days let alone 27! But I kept telling myself that 30 days isn’t long in the scheme of things and funnily enough I was right. I’m excited and nervous to finish but I’ve got 3 more days to go - and while I say ‘it was easy’ most evenings, during the day when I’m having to make decisions and I can see what everyone else is eating, it is much, much harder!


  8. Gym - Session 4

    Tonight I had my fourth session at the gym. This one was all about nutrition. During the past week I had to complete a food diary showing what I ate, how much and at what time. I had to complete this on 2 week days and 1 day in the weekend. I’ve been writing down what I eat every day with my whole 30 anyway, but it was a good exercise to make note of what times I ate. The main thing I noticed was how slow I eat, especially breakfast and lunch as these can sometimes take up to an hour!

    The lady said that my diet looked spot on (I explained the whole 30) but that I should increase my intake of fish (especially oily fish), protein and leafy greens (although the past few days I’ve upped them anyway).

    It was also really good to talk about what to do post-whole 30. I’m going to reintroduce cheese (cottage, edam and feta), yoghurt and beans - assuming they all agree with me of course! I’ll also be a bit more open when I go out for food but she said to remember to make protein the main part of the meal.

    It was a good reminder why to eat healthy - losing weight is 80% diet after all! At first I thought it would be bad timing considering how clean I’m eating at the moment, but now I think that the timing was spot-on as it reinforced everything I’m doing and she helped me work through what to do after the whole 30!

    Also you get a lovely pre-workout photo of myself and Diesel (who was totally happy to be a part of it…)


  9. Whole 30 Day 26

    Today went well, I am becoming the master of pumpkin soup! I forgot to make my hard boiled eggs last night so this I was way hungrier today.

    My work isn’t the most exciting. I really needed a job when I came home from Hawaii so I took the first thing that was offered. Unfortunately, it’s not particularly stimulating or in an industry that I’m interested in. I’ve only been there for 2 months but I’m really struggling and I need to make sure that I stay positive during the day - no one needs to have any negativity around them. I want to start focusing on other things outside of work, whether in a creative or more structured learning way. At least then work won’t be the be-all-end-all and instead it will become a way that I can afford to do those other things. I’m not saying that I will stay in this job forever and always just ‘make do’ but I don’t see any point in leaving when I don’t know what I want!

    So here’s to being positive and looking on the bright side!

    And also pretty flowers. Because they’re pretty and we all need some of that!


  10. Whole 30 Day 25

    I went out for brunch today and this place was so much better then last week! I had poached eggs, spinach and bacon, it was really good but I can’t wait to have something special when I go out! 

    I’m not sure if I’ve been eating enough recently but tonight I had a big dinner. Homemade kumara (sweet potato) fries and then homemade baked meatballs in a yum tomato sauce. It was good to make something different again.

    I went and visited my grandparents today and my Dida (Grandfather) knew what a selfie was! So naturally we had to take one… unfortunately my arm wasn’t long enough and then I managed to blur it - still selfies with your grandparents is always a win!

    Hope you all had lovely weekends xx