1. Goals for September

    - yoga at least once per week
    - swim at least once per week
    - increase swimming mileage to 3 km
    - weights three times a week
    I really want to work on my strength and I want to get into the habit of going to the gym frequently.

    - go for a bush walk
    - go to the cinema
    - read one non-fiction book
    - create a wall hanging (weaving)
    - cook an amazing meal
    I want to focus this month on saying ‘yes’ and doing things!! I don’t want to live in my head so much.


  2. Photo tag

    I’ve been tagged by the lovely Sarah ( sazsimpson) to upload the most recent photo on my phone…

    I currently have a English friend who I met on India staying with me and although the weather is complete shite we’ve been doing some sightseeing. This is a photo of diesel looking out the car towards Rangitoto yesterday. My photo stream and also my Instagram are pretty much just pics of diesel at the moment…

    And I tag missmarisol crowflycrow and katiegirlchasesinfinity


  3. Work was so boring today, I literally could not keep my eyes open and had to keep going for toilet/bottle refill breaks. But I came home and we went for another family outing to the pool - 2km later and I feel like my day wasn’t a complete waste of time. I also love that I’m getting stronger and ‘faster’ in the pool.

    I hope everyone’s Monday was more productive than mine!


  4. The past few days have been awesome.

    On Thursday I saw Broods live, they were AMAZING! Love, love, loved. And now I have their CD on repeat in my car.

    We had the most perfect weather this weekend. I spent good chunks of yesterday and today sitting out in the sun, getting some vitamin D, man did it feel good!

    Yesterday I went to Street Eats in the city. Lots of Auckland’s top restaurants did their take on street food. I had a beetroot slider, a risotto ball and a quesadilla - delicious. And then we went to T2 (a tea shop) and drank lots of free samples - best tea shop ever!

    I also went to a yoga class, did a weights session and went to half of a pilates class (we mucked up the time…). I am sore but so happy.

    There was lots of other fabulous things that happened - including homemade museli (granola)!!! Bacon and egg pie, DVD’s with my bestie, puppy cuddles, seeing my Dad, windows down and loud music driving and browsing through 2nd hand bookshops.

    I hope you all had equally wonderful weekends xx


  5. Two work outs in one day!!!

    This morning I got up at 5.30 and went for a 3.5 km walk. It was dark but after some initial shin soreness, it was good. And then this evening we went for a family outing to the gym for yoga. It was great, lots of stretching and control work. I’ve really wanted to try yoga and my sister-in-law is really keen to get into it too. My brother came tonight and really enjoyed it so I think it will become a regular feature. Yoga and swimming family outings - who are we?!

    Today I discovered a new peanut butter - it is amazing!

    Tomorrow night we’re going to see Broods live. So excited! If you haven’t listened to them before, go check them out.


  6. TedX Auckland

    What an amazing and inspiring day! There was so much to take in, I tried my hardest to listen with intention to each talk - my mind wanders too much and I need to be so mindful of this. By the end of the day I was both excited and utterly exhausted. I’ll definitely be going back next year! 

    Also, we got to play with drums…

    A few things that stood out to me:

    "There’s no greater waste of time than regret"

    "Be actively involved in your own life"

    "Get a strong plan and break it into parts"


    "Set yourself an impossible task"

    I hope you all had an equally amazing and inspiring weekend xx


  7. Flowers and sushi.

    I have eaten like crap today but tomorrow I’m going to TedX Auckland!!! So excited!

    I have decided that I will have a word for the rest of the year. That word is YES!! I’ve noticed that my first instinct is too often ‘no’ but this won’t get me to where I want to be so now I will be saying ‘yes’ and letting myself open up to new experiences.

    And now I go to bed because… TedX!!!


  8. I wrote a post and it was all ‘woe is me and my boring life’, so I decided to delete it (cause I can) and instead focus on 5 things:

    1 - Staying positive. I truly believe in the power of positive thought and I want to practice this more.

    2 - I want to learn more about minimalism and how to apply it to my life.

    3 - Exercise. I must exercise LOTS this week. It will feel good and help with the positivity.

    4 - Food. I want to work out a balance with eating, at this rate I will need to do another whole 30 as I feel like I haven’t learnt enough from my first.

    5 - I want to work on my friendships. I cannot feel sorry for myself and lack of social life if I don’t make an effort to work on the relationships I already have.

    In other news… Auckland was sunny this weekend!!! It was wonderful.


  9. Wow two days of exercise in a row!! Tonight I went swimming with my brother. It wasn’t a long swim, 1.5 km, but it was good and it was nice to stretch everything out as I was feeling so sore from the gym. I also felt stronger and fitter in the pool tonight which is good. We’ll build out mileage up but for now we’re working on technique for my brother as he is training for work.

    In other news… my work has been busy for 2 days now!! I’m so much happier when I’m busy and feeling productive. Fingers crossed that it stays this way!

    And in case you were missing him… here’s Diesel getting some cuddles the other day BFF’s for life x


  10. My eating has been a wee bit off base these past few days but I’m trying to get into the right mindset. I’m thinking of maybe doing the Whole 30 again, or maybe a Whole 14? I’m not sure just yet.

    I went to the gym tonight at 7.45 pm. I had already had dinner and was watching Mars Attacks (awesome movie) when I decided that I should really go. I feel so good for it but man my new programme is a killer! I have lots of lunges and my legs are still feeling shaky.

    Sweat makes everything better. Always need to remember this!